It is said that some of the finest rugs in the world come from Egypt. Egyptian weavers use ancient techniques to create the most beautiful handmade rugs. Most archaeologists agree that the ancient Egyptians were amongst the first rug weavers in the world. Artifacts have been discovered that show evidence of hand looms and weaving that predates 2400 B.C. Contemporary weaving dates back to the 16th century, followed by a boom in modern weaving in the 1950’s. The Egyptians have been perfecting their skill of creating handwoven art throughout the centuries.

Designs and Motifs 

Many modern Oriental rugs can find their roots in ancient Egyptian designs. Historically, Egyptians used geometric patterns and beautiful floral designs to enhance their handwoven rugs. Most modern Egyptian rugs are based on Persian designs, woven by both hand and machine, and colored with a mixture of natural and artificial dyes. The end result is a masterfully created work of art. 

Purchasing an Egyptian Rug 

Egyptian rugs are usually made from wool, and they are tied using a Persian knot. The Persian knot is reserved for use in finer rugs, and results in a design that is more accurate and symmetrical than other techniques. It is because of this fine attention to detail that Egyptian rugs are considered amongst the finest decorative Oriental rugs available today. They are also somewhat difficult to acquire, as only a small number of handwoven rugs are exported each year. 

You won’t regret purchasing your very own Egyptian rug. It’s an investment that will last for many years, and look absolutely beautiful in any home.

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