Chinese rugs are historically unique in their designs. They were often created for domestic use as opposed to trade, and this resulted in very little outside influence on the design. This resulted in Oriental rugs that were very unique and Chinese in both their look and appeal. In the early 1900’s China opened up rug trading with the Western world resulting in a dramatic shift away from traditional design and towards a more modern Chinese Art Deco design. These Art Deco rugs were usually made from wool and silk resulting in a thick luxurious feel.

Designs and Motifs 

Chinese rugs are prized for their incredible value. Chinese weavers are some of the best in the business, and they are able to produce product on a very large scale which keeps overall prices down. Modern Chinese design often struggles to find its own unique style thanks in part to outside influence overtaking new creativity. Fortunately, because of an uncanny ability to create accurate reproductions, many Chinese weavers are able to reproduce much more expensive designs from around the world at much lower price points than the originals. 

Purchasing a Chinese Rug 

Chinese weavers excel at creating handmade rugs from silk. Perfectionist in their design, Chinese silk rugs are often decorated with Buddhist and Taoist motifs, and use blue, orange, and yellow as their primary colors. Many Chinese rugs have increased in both quality and popularity since the early 1990’s, and are now prized by many art collectors from around the world. Silk is beautiful and durable, and investing in a hand knotted silk rug will leave you with no regrets.

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