Afghan rugs share some similarities with other oriental rugs. Part of the reason for this is the weavers of Afghanistan were among refugees and designs have transferred across regions. But the history of the Afghan Rugs is based on the needs of nomads and designs and techniques vary by tribe. The uniqueness of Afghan rugs comes from quality wools, dyeing, washing and exquisite finishing techniques. Only master weavers have the expertise to weave and finish these rugs, with a specialty in an antique finished look.

Because wool from local sheep is readily available, the foundation and pile is typically made from wool. All wool in Afghanistan is hand spun.

Afghan master weavers know their natural dyes and specific techniques to draw out the best color. They hand process the dyes, and the rugs may be washed and sun-dried several times in the finishing process.

Designs and Motifs

The tribal designs of Afghan tribal traditions typically will have no representation of animals or human figures. Instead they are characterized by intricate geometrics and floral designs. They are influenced by Persian history.

Purchasing an Afghan Rug

Afghan rugs have their own character and personality. The talent and artistry of the master weavers of Afghan is evident in every rug. Since there are no factories to create the ideal weaving, washing, and finishing environment, the challenges are even greater and it takes many months for the artisans to create one weaving. The designs and color combinations of an Afghan rug present themselves with a natural beauty so you can see the life in it.

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